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Slum Area Education

Many children in the slum area are unable to go to school and they involve to earning in very early age. Working at an early age increases juvenile crime. Parents of slum areas are not aware of education, so they didn’t try for their children's education. Try to Fight Foundation took responsibility for such types of children in slum areas. Due to our team member effort, we have educated more than a thousand students in the slum of Varanasi and nearby areas. All services provide by Try to Fight Foundation are free of cost. Our students are creating many milestones after getting our education program.

Problems of Slum Areas Children in Varanasi City


  • The literacy is most significant indicator of socio-economic condition and quality of life. Though literacy is very poor in slums of Varanasi city, comparatively Sigra and Nagwa wards are better literacy than other wards.
  • We must come together and help them financially so that they can easily get study materials, clothes and medicines to improve their lives.
  • We should run social awareness programs for their parents to aware them about education.
  • By providing basic primary education and basic skills, they will be able to earn more and come out from poverty.
  • Our responsibility is every child must complete the elementary education up to 8th grade. There should not be any dropout.
  • We need to aware parents about the importance of Girl Child Education so that they can know the disadvantages of their marriage in early age.
slum area education

Why we need to help them

  • At the time when you and our children go to school with a bag on their shoulders and bottles in their hands. At the same time, there are some such children in society Who get out of the house to get the waste In order to fight for survival and poverty.
  • These children don't go to school, and there were large numbers of children like them. So eventually we decided to bring the school to their home.
  • Their parents are discouraged from sending their children to school, because they feel that schooling is often a waste of time and money.
  • Among various problems faced by the slum children of 6-14 years age group in achieving elementary education most significant are large family size, poor living condition, poor health, unfavourable home condition, and surrounding environment.
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