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Try to Fight Foundation is running education programs for the last five years in Varanasi. We need money to run a free education program for Slum area children. Most teaching work is done by our volunteers and team member. They didn’t charge any amount for this work but there is many things which required money. So we are requesting people to donate to us because your donation will help us run the education program properly. In the Current Slum area, the student program is running in Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith campus and the monthly expenditure is given below.

Estimated Cost Comes On 1000 Children Yearly

NeedsMonthly CostYearly Cost
Stationary (Copy, Pencils, eraser. sharpener, drawing books and colours, Blackboards and Mats etc.) 1,00,000 INR / Month @ 100 INR / children 12,00,000 INR approx
Clothes Provided on every 3 months 20,000 INR /Month @ 20 INR /children 2,40,000 INR approx
Medicines and  Treatment 5,000 INR / Month @ 5 INR / children 60,000 INR approx
Other expenses (events & programs for children) NIL 1,25,000 INR approx
Total Cost 15,25,000 INR approx