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Try to Fight Foundation

Try to Fight an NGO registered as per the government norm, working from a long time in Varanasi to provide free education to slum area children. Our Group has started to teach children of slum areas (especially Ragpickers) since 2013, it's been 6 years now and we have taught more than 1000 plus children of slum areas.

Try to Fight Foundation is the only NGO of Varanasi, which is working for Education for poor children at the ground level. Our work is appreciated by the Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi. Apart from the Prime minister, President Pratibha Singh Patil, CM of UP Aditya Yogi Nath, and many political and other Honorable people and organizations also loved our work.

Know about Try to Fight Foundation

  • We are group of young people from Varanasi.
  • Our Group have started to teach children of slum areas (especially Rag pickers) since 2013, it's been 6 years now and we have taught more than 1000 plus children of slum areas
  • We have 1000 children in present, Our group members go to the slums (about 14 places) and teach them on a daily basis.
  • We provide them all study materials like copy, pencil, books, eraser, sharpener, colours and other necessary things like clothes and medicine as well.

poor students

slum students


  • We believe that every child is potentially divine and the aim of education is to bring out this divinity and produce a good person.
  • We want to make difference in our slum areas students lives by providing them vital academic information skills, strategies, and by enhancing positive social growth and physical development.
  • We ensure that each student of the adapted slum area acquires the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to reach her full potential and become a productive, responsible citizen. As a result of these children will become lifelong learners who are sensitive to the needs of changing world.


  • To increase enrolment of rag picker children from slum areas in the school.
  • To initiate the community to advocate for slums and rag picker children to have access education.
  • To increase the access of slums and rag pickers children to education.
  • To change the life condition of slum and rag picker children through education.
  • Children should get Quality Education and joy of learning.
  • By providing basic primary education and basic skills, they will be able to earn more and come out from poverty.

poor students